Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Evil moment

I'm sorry but by the end of the year...i'm over work and most things that are annoying.
At the best of times i hate stupid people, but by the end of the year its so much worse!
Anyway i was taking this huge burly man around to theatre..... i was the Anaesthetic tech this day, so i actually have to interact with patients before they go to sleep *sighs* ....sometimes this ISNT a good thing.
I opened the curtains to see him almost jumping out of his skin in a pure scared sweat!! I look at him, and at my orderly and asked if we looked THAT scary!! He was terrified. As we wheeled him down the corridor i reminded him also that we had FOUR year olds that had this done all the time and THEY werent acting as badly as him. He was petrified of needles and to get him on the operating table was a feat in itself!!
With my orderly holding his hand on one side and me practically shielding the anaesthetist and holding him down on the other, we removed the emla cream (local anaesthetic) from his hand and he freaked again. We talked him through it and soon the needle was in. Now as the anaesthetist got his drugs ready i placed the mask over his face and instructed him it was ONLY oxygen and that i wanted him to fill his already F$#@ed up lungs with pure oxygen as the drugs were injected. He wearily looked up at me and said "Have you done this before?"
WELL!!!.................. i could NOT let this pass and without so much as a thought i responded......
"No mate! ...... But i googled it last night and it didnt look too hard, so i thought i'd give it a go!" ........
He could not run by this stage because of the drugs and my evil smirk probably didnt help...... but i finished him off with...... "Now think of something nice to dream about.......coz I'm going to be the last person you see........... before you fall asleep!"
I know ....evil huh? But it was so funny!!! and he DID remember me in recovery as i passed through and commented on giving up smoking now that he'd coughed up 1 of his lungs afetr extubation! lol
Thankgod i'm on holidays now, because i would hate to be my next few patients!!
Love Sun :)

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