Monday, December 28, 2009

Xmas mood and New Year Resolutions!

Why is it that when you buy stuff for kids, your ALWAYS bound to NEVER have enough batteries or the patience to untwist the multiple twist wires that hold the toys into the packaging. its hard to calmly do it when there are a million and the child is at your side begging you to hurry up!! Kinda puts a dampener on the mood of the day sometimes!
But after it all you can sit down and have a drink or 4!!
I alwasy wonder what goes through peoples minds on these days.... do they really care how everyone elses Christmas day is going or is it just something they send out automatically?
I got several replies from my Christmas SMS wishes...some personal, some multi recipient text. I guess there was really only 1 that i wanted to get a personalised one from....but it didnt come. It was a multi recipient text *sighs* and then my children didnt get to enjoy the full day with me bacause they were picked up EARLY!!!! for no reason at all as i later found out....apparently wires crossed.... but that seems to be happening alot more lately!! ......i think HE needs a tune up!
Christmas really isnt a good time to be alone.... I had no kids and pretty much no one to talk to. Everyone close to me was either enjoying the day with loved ones or a million miles away! It pretty much sux!
Now i get to look forward to making.....and soon breaking New Years Resolutions! Yay!!
My one given to me from work is "think before i speak and think about others when i proceed"
Maybe thats just coz i'm over most things at the moment and it shows in my work life, i dunno we'll see about this might last a week.
My personal one is to try and not let things get to me so much, stop making mountains out of mole hills and pretty much finalise my emotional detachment from everything!
I pretty much have done that ..... but unfortuantely i still hold a candle for 1 person in particualr and i cant seem to let go!!
I follow him from a distance (feel like a stalker sometimes) .....but i'm not! Dont hear from him for ages...get all upset coz i see things i dont like...... like the miraculous recovery of his partner whos meant to be stage 4 Ca Breast!! but somehow doesnt even look like shes had a cold :( ..... swear to myself that i will disengage after i blast the crap out of him and then WHAMO!!! he comes out with shit that makes me cry and wish he was here!!! ARGH!!! Getting soft!!.....I can NOT let myself fall back there ......must SLAP myself!!
Perhaps that can be my NYR. Its just hard letting go of the one thing you love in this world that isnt part of u :(
Anyway ..... this season makes you do and say all sorts of weird stupid crap .... so now that its out ...who knows maybe i can move on again!

Love Sun

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