Monday, October 12, 2009

Strange and awkward moments

OK so i decided after much debate to thow my name into the hat of the online dating world!
Well i didnt really want to do it but felt the need to see what its all about, so i added a profile and left it for about a month.
When i came back i found a few little messages from people and though "oh crap now they think i'm a bitch for not responding", but never the less i decided to answer one of them.
The next morning i had a response looking for further contact, now like i said i wasnt really wanting anything more than to check out what these sites are like but what the hell!!
I sat there tapping my fingers for a good 5 minutes wondering what i could put in the email that wouldnt get me moderated or cut off OR married with 2.4 children and a white picket fence surrounding a horse *shrugs*
Finally sent and waited for a response which came at about 7pm at night.
I logged on to read it straight away and was hit with an instant chat request.
Chatting away decided to meet up and say hi but couldnt decide when, until i made the decision to say F%$# it and we met at 9:30 that random!!
He could have been an axe murder or stalker for all i knew.
Now that meeting was nerve racking but went down pretty well....although most of the time i was thinking "what the F%$# am i doing?"!!!!!
Yanno what i didnt care right about then i just used the opportunity to lose myself..... but due to my recent spait of bad luck with men etc.... i have built walls and emotionally detached from everyone and everything, and due to the fact that i am an honest person i made sure he knew i wasnt going to roll over and profess my love and suddenly want the 2.4 children .... and LUCKILY on the same page *phew*
Friends with benefits....awesome .....just what i need.
Thankfully with the walls i didnt even get jelous when i heard he had other women on the go, which normally would annoy me.....
Its actually a blissful feeling, except for the fact that i compare everything to my past love and i am pretty much still stuck looking at that side of the fence, because i miss the grass over there and i dont think im ever going to get over it.
But anyway ..... this online dating thing seems to work i suppose, hopefully meet some interesting trustworthy people, have some fun and find a reason to keep going!
Give it a go
Sun :)

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