Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome to My world!

OK so i have had blogs before and since i had nothing better to do i thought i could start a new one.
BTW .... I am lazy so, if there are spelling issues or grammer issues..... so be it, makes it more personalised, coz i dont really care!
Anyway...I'm not too sure on the green, but i liked the name of the theme "Son of something or rather" and im easily fooled and distracted by things like that so green it is....until it reminds me of Puke and i feel the need to change it!!
I'm sure there are a million things i can talk about on here...mostly day to day boring grind, but sometimes i find mself with some insite or interesting stories so this will be where i add them..... and believe me i have a few!!
Working in the medical industry and having 2 small children usually breeds large amounts of humorous stories.
Humorous u say.... well the kids are always funny and my job..... most the time u have to laugh. Who wouldn't!
I give people the Michael Jackson anaesthetic almost everyday, although minus the bathroom break! Its amusing to see people freak out just before they unwillingly close their eyes fighting the urge to run!
I like to be one of the last faces they see as their heart rate soars rapidly and their last breath has a faint gasp to it. Sick you say.... no ..... just evil..... and thats the way i like it!
I have a soft side too, but as of more recently that side has been bricked up. I no longer fall for the soft lovey dovey crap that people feed you, because most people lie and i no longer trust ANYONE.
My aggressive management class has told me to smile and welcome more, but the grimace i force on my face as i say good morning is fake and most people who know me wonder whats wrong if i dont give them some sort of sarcastic back handed comment... so i think i will stick to what i know.
What you see is what you get with me. I dont hide behind lies or questions....if i want to know, i will ask point blank (usually gets me in trouble alot) but atleast i know.
I love a good laugh and am always up for juicy as i get it i will post it. Removing names of course :P
Anyway thats enough for my intro sure i will be back :)

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