Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fashions of the past!!

OK so i was standing talking to some friends about some fashions that they used to wear, such as Jelly shoes (which i remember but promised myself long ago i would NEVER wear again), Raa Raa skirts, shoulder pads and who can forget the ever favourite "Hypercolour shirt"!!! Which sadly enough i still have one of *sighs*
Some how the subject moved onto stack hats ....or better known as bike helmets. I believe this started with the talk about magpies and crows and how they tend to swoop n kids riding bikes.
J mentioned that she was too poor to get a proper one when they came out, their family made her wear an icecream bucket on her head.... which i promptly asked if she had drawn any eyes on the top to deter the maggies from swooping...... funnily enough she had!!!! Right now its funny, but back then it was kinda cool to wear one, and no one seemed to care. I think today a kid would be bashed for that!! Anyway R said that she went to a private school and was made, or should i say, tormented into wearing the really sexy ORANGE box like "special spastic" stackhat!!! although swears it only ever swung from her handlebars ..... mmhmmm SUUUUUURE!!!
Now on that subject we moved to hair styles and the very BAD ones we have all seen and attempted. Mullets would have to be the killer....oohh sure back then they were sexy.... but NO!! they arent.... however P says her partner has one and loves it.... i laughed!!
My father proceeded to say that i should leave him alone coz sooner or later he would LOSE his hair anyway and that he should enjoy it while it lasted..... valid point i think!
Anyway i have seen the wide belts, white suits, shoulder pads and the bad hair circling the community once again and quite often wonder if i should have just KEPT the damn stuff! Who knows the stuff i wear now may come full circle in 20 yrs......
I dont think so ..... EVER!!
Love Sun :)

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