Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WEIRD behaviour!

This is almost a personal Blog.....
Why would someone put pictures of OTHER peoples kids on their profile. I mean i sort of get it, but when you can see that one of the parents is having an issue with it, would you not pull back a little and perhaps suggest that your partner post them instead of you?
How does one know if there is a peadophile in the mix, its just one of those questions every parent asks themselves.
The other thing is...... If you decide to be an ASS and delete a person from your profile to get back at them for mentioning that they were upset about the said posted pictures.... i mean i can understand unfriending that person and that persons immediate family and even her BEST friend....but why would you leave her other friends (whom you never talk to and whom dont like you anyway) and most of all why would you ever consider keeping the one person that you suspected your wife of having an affair with??
Obviously your just looking for a mountain load of friends and the delete was done in the heat of the moment, but i think its weird to leave someone who is intimately close to the person your trying to get back at.
And yes!!!! He always WAS a better F$#@ that YOU were!!!
Anyway Rant over ...... let the chaos begin *grins*
Sun :)

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